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Remoulade Crawfish Rolls

Embark on a culinary journey to the heart of the bayou with our Remoulade Crawfish Rolls recipe. Delight in tender crawfish tails, delicately seasoned and enveloped in a creamy remoulade sauce, nestled within soft, pillowy rolls. Bursting with the authentic flavors of Louisiana, this recipe is perfect for any occasion. This mouthwatering creation promises to transport you to Cajun country with every bite.

Prep Time 30m
Cook Time 15m
Boudreaux's Crawfish Tail Meat
Boudreaux's Crawfish Tail Meat - 12 Ounce
Kraft Real Mayo
Kraft Real Mayo - 30 Fluid ounce
$5.49 was $6.49$0.18/fl oz
Brookshire's Dijon Mustard
Brookshire's Dijon Mustard - 12 Each
$3.19$0.27 each
Fresh Lemon
Fresh Lemon - 1 Each
Fresh Parsley
Fresh Parsley - 1 Each
Brookshire's Worcestershire Sauce
Brookshire's Worcestershire Sauce - 10 Each
$2.49 was $3.19$0.25 each