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Giving Back

Since 1928, Brookshire Grocery Company has maintained a business philosophy of “people first, profits will follow.” Today the quality of customer and community service in our markets mirrors that motto. We strive to continue a tradition of helping communities flourish through our Giving Back programs.

Serving CommunitiesServing Communities
Our employees are dedicated to the communities we serve and collectively volunteer 44,000 hours annually. We’re staying connected to the communities we serve through our Community Connections volunteer assistance program. We challenge each store in the company to participate in at least four volunteer events a year. Check back to see what we are doing in your community.

Supporting CommunitiesSupporting Communities
Brookshire Grocery Company supports hundreds of organizations in the communities we serve through our corporate donations program. In-kind and monetary donations are spread across our market areas to support more than 100 communities in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Celebrating CommunitiesCelebrating Communities
Our company celebrates what is truly important to our communities through events like the FRESH 15k, Spirit of Christmas Food Drive and our annual Brookshire’s Benefit Golf Tournament. We also have specific programs designed to protect and care for our environment.

Heroes FlightHeroes Flight for Veterans
In 2010, Brookshire Grocery Co. embarked on a mission to escort a group of World War II veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the World War II Memorial (completed in 2004), along with several other points of interest. “Brookshire’s World War II Heroes Flight” first took place on May 11 & 12, 2010, with 38 veterans and 19 others, mostly Brookshire’s employees, to assist them. The endeavor was fully funded and coordinated by Brookshire’s, at no cost to the veterans. To date, over 400 veterans have made the trip. Download an application. Fill out an online application. 

Interested in requesting support from BGC?

Our company desires to support as many organizations as possible, but we have chosen to concentrate our philanthropic efforts specifically on organizations that support hunger relief, education, health, child & family wellbeing and veterans.

Please reference our FAQ page for the guidelines we use to evaluate requests for support and which form would be the best fit for partnership between Brookshire Grocery Company and your organization.

If your organization is 501(c)3 with a mission to support hunger relief, education, health and the wellbeing of children and their families, please consider if the Grant Application process is a better fit for our partnership with your organization.

You may contact [email protected] with questions.