Our Brands

Our high-quality brands work within your budget, making us a great choice for all your family’s needs. From soda to soup and paper products to potato chips, our brands are consistently high-quality and value priced. Choose from Top Care over-the-counter remedies for affordable, effective results or PAWS Premium pet products that keep your dog delighted and feline fed. Our Brands stretch your grocery dollars on the essential items. Lastly, we wouldn’t put our name on something if we didn’t stand by it. Brookshire’s brand products are taste-tested and approved by our very own people so that we can take our family home to yours. Our name is our promise to you.
Brookshire’s brand products will stand tall against any national name brand, but at a better price, giving you great value for your grocery dollar. You can find Brookshire’s brand items all throughout the store, providing lots of options for whatever you need.

Paws Happy Life

Paws Happy Life understands the deep connection between pets and their human parents. Healthy pets need attention, interaction, and unconditional love to flourish. That’s why Paws Happy Life delivers premium-quality, nutritional food, and safe pet supplies that your furry family members deserve – all at an affordable price.

Simply Done

Dirty doorknobs – Handled! Gritty Grounds – Be Gone! From disinfecting wipes and coffee filters, to plastic bags, paper towels and beyond, be ready for whatever life throws your way with Simply Done. Homecare solutions with the same quality as national brands but priced less so you can quickly and confidently handle life’s everyday moments in stride. Check off your list with Simply Done, your new go-to at can-do prices.

Tippy Toes

Your child will thrive with Tippy Toes by Top Care, a brand you can trust for the top-quality products your child deserves. Tippy Toes is the complete baby solution for your family and upholds the high-quality standards of leading name brands, but at much more affordable prices.

Top Care

When you’re looking for quality health and personal care products for your family, reach for Top Care. Did you know that the FDA requires all Top Care over-the-counter products to have the same active ingredients at the same strength as national brands? You can feel confident that you are selecting a trusted and reliable brand to take care of you from head to toe, while also taking care of your finances. Get the same effective relief for less.

Basket & Bushel

Basket & Bushel provides fresh, quality produce full of flavor and deliciousness. All our delicious varieties including our everyday and premium offerings make it easy to bring home the goodness your family is looking for.

Brookshire's Blast!

Whether you're looking for a soft drink or a sparkling water, Blast! has an option for everyone. Deliciously bubbly and bursting with flavor, make every occasion a Blast! with Brookshire's carbonated beverage program!


Whether it's in the fireplace or on the patio, CharKing gives customers the charcoal, lighter fluid and logs needed to command the perfect flame.

Crav’n Flavor

Crav’n Flavor™ satisfies your latest craving for something hearty, savory and delicious. You’ve got a craving for something Seriously Satisfying, and that’s just what you’ll get with Crav’n Flavor™. Sink your teeth into some of the most awesome dishes you’ll ever put on your table.

Culinary Tours

Flavors from Far to Table! Culinary Tours is a collection of carefully selected food, inspired by flavors from across the glove or across the road. Every product is connected to a culture, cuisine, recipe or story.

Food Club

Food Club offers food & beverage pantry staples, that make it easy for you to enjoy wholesome, affordable quality meals at home or on the go.

Full Circle

Whether you’re looking for organic, gluten-free, or plant-based products, Full Circle Market has a wide variety of high quality fresh and frozen foods, as well as eco-friendly cleaning, personal care and paper products. Thoughtfully curated with the best ingredients so you can have better choices at affordable prices, all backed up with a quality guarantee you can count on. The result: better products that are better for you. That’s All-Around Goodness.


Goldenbrook delivers award-winning ice cream selections that are sure to satisfy both your taste buds and your wallet.

Over the Top

Over the Top® offers an extensive variety of professional quality decorating and baking supplies designed to help you create applause-worthy desserts. Wherever your imagination takes you, with Over the Top®, anything goes!

Pure Harmony

We know you want to take care of your furry family member like you take care of yourself. Our high quality pet food provides meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient along with grain-free options as well, and it's carefully blended with real, wholesome ingredients from a variety of food groups. Pure Harmony®, whole plate nutrition to let your pet thrive.

That's Smart!

That’s Smart!® provides you with hundreds of budget-friendly essentials across the store for your family’s needs. Look for That's Smart® in your grocer's aisle and Live Smart, Shop Smart and Save Smart!

Wide Awake Coffee Co.

Hot, cold, light, or bold. We got you. Wake your inner barista with a full line of premium coffee products from Wide Awake Coffee Co. including ready-to-drink beverages, ground beans, pods, and creamers.